Sunday, September 10, 2006

We Remember Isaias Rivera

We remember Isaias Rivera. As I read through the many other tributes to Isaias it is clear that he was a loved and respected man. Here is a note left on a Semptember 11th Victims web site by a friend of his.
"He was a faithful christian, husband and father. I miss all the good times we had when our families went on vacation together and the times we spoke and share the word of God, but I know one day we will meet again in heaven."
Our thoughts and prayers are with Isaias' family.

We will always remember.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Single Malt Conservatives Blog Launched

My buddy Toothpick Johnny and I have decided to consolidate our two blogs Ed on Everything and Toothpick Johnny Presents. Together we'll be giving the barking moonbats, the foil hat brigades, and the general idiocy in the world a real run for the money.

On a daily basis we'll be serving up fried moonbat wrapped in a foil pouch. All while drinking fine single malt scotches.

You can find the Single Malt Conservatives here at:

Fauxtography For Couric Promo Photos

Looks like the Fauxtography people fired from Reuters are now working over at CBS News in their promo department. Take a look at these two pictures. The one on the left was released earlier this year. The one on the right is a modified version of the left photo from the September issue of Watch magazine which is owned by CBS.

Here's the original article from TV Newser.

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Kerry Still Crying About 2004

John Kerry, desperate for media spotlight, is raising allegations of election improprieties by the Ohio state official in charge of elections for that state.

"He used the power of his state office to try to intimidate Ohioans and suppress the Democratic vote," - Email Sent by Kerry to Democratic Donors

When is John Kerry going to give it up and realize that he lost? The American people voted. They saw you, and they saw President Bush. And they chose President Bush. You lost. Time to go home and eat some more ketchup.

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Couric Gets Bush for First Interview

Well, Couric may keep her ratings up for one extra day now that she has landed an interview with President Bush. Couric will be interviewing the President for a CBS primetime special "Five Years Later - How Safe Are We?"

Excerpts from the interview will be aired on Katies first night as the new CBS Evening News Anchor. It'll be interesting to see what kind of "hard hitting" questions she comes up with for the President.

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Saddam Made to Watch South Park Movie

Apparently former Iraqi Dictator, Saddam Hussein has been made to watch the movie "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut" repeatedly while being held in prison.
"The deposed leader on trial in Iraq was featured in the movie spin-off as the lover of the devil. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut featured Hussein and Satan attempting to take over the world together." - Yahoo! News Article
I have to admit, I've never seen the movie. But this picture says it all. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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"Imadamnutjob" of Iran Challenges Bush to Debate

President "Imadamnutjob" of Iran challenged President Bush to a public debate about world affairs and how to resolve them today.

I'm curious as to how you debate with someone who still doesn't believe the Holocaust happend, and his answer to everything is either "death to Israel" or "death to America"? This same question needs to be asked in the negotiations with this short terrorist as well about the Iranian nuclear program.

Here's the link to the original Reuters article.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Bad Day for the Moonbats

Richard Armitage, former number 2 at the State Department, has now been revealed as the first person to reveal the identity of CIA employee Valerie Plame. This has created a really bad day for the moonbats.

The entire premise of the moonbats' gripe about the supposed Plame leak is that it was a systematic campaign to attack Plame's husband, Joe Wilson (who criticized the administration's intel on Saddam Hussein's attempts to gain atomic weapons technology), and to put Plame herself in danger as a supposedly covert employee of the CIA.

This takes away the motive for the above argument since the US State Department (including Colin Powell and Richard Armitage) was in a political rivalry with the White House ever since the Iraq war. It would have been in the State Department's best political interests to allow Wilson to continue criticizing the White House. There is no reason for Armitage to intentionally leak Plame to the press.

So now the Plame leak investigation can no longer be used against the White House without ignoring the facts. Oh wait, I am talking about barking moonbats here. The facts don't matter in their world.

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Did Reuters Do It Again?

JawaReport has got some interesting points in regards to the Reuters news truck that was supposedly hit by an Israel missile in Gaza. Looking at this picture it certainly didn't take a direct hit from a missile.

I'm not a military expert, but I do study some aspects of military weapons. The hole in that roof was not created by a missile hit. But it could have been hit by shrapnel from a missile. If it was shrapnel then the missile either:
  1. Exploded above the vehicle throwing shrapnel down on to the vehicle. However, there would most likely be more damage than that one hole.
  2. Exploded a fair distance away from the vehicle throwing shrapnel up in an arc and happened to hit a vehicle that was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Dems Trying to Distance Themselves From Northeast

Biden just can't seem to keep from stepping it can he? When asked about his chances of winning the Southern states in the 2008 Democratic Primary he said this:

"Better than anybody else...You don't know my state, My state was a slave state. My state is a border state. My state has the eighth-largest black population in the country. My state is anything from a Northeast liberal state." - AP Article via Yahoo! News

It looks like Democrats are starting to realize that the whole country isn't made up of nothing but Massachusetts and California liberals. And now they're running like crazy tripping over each other to appeal to the "Red States" found mostly in the South (known as fly over country to the Northeast coast democrats).

But here's the problem they have now. They've got the Netroots Mafia threatening to politically assassinate any democrat who doesn't subscribe to their views. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for these guys. They have to choose between trying to get elected by moving to the center and trying to keep from being booted out of their party Lamont style by moving to the left.

This is going to be interesting this fall and in 2008.

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Couric Doomed For Failure

I saw over on Drudge Report that Walter Cronkite, one of the best known names in broadcast journalism, is going to be "crowning" Katie Couric as the queen of CBS News. The text of the Drudge Report story is below. The story says that there are going to be a huge number of well known people on Couric's first night which is scheduled for Tuesday next week (September 5th).

If you have to have this much hype over a new news anchor then there is a huge problem with the anchor. Brian Williams and Charlie Gibson didn't get any kind of fanfare for their installment into the anchor chair. They simply showed up and sat in the chair. News anchors are not celebrities. They never have been. But with Katie Couric it has been almost like picking the next American Idol.

My prediction is that there will be a couple of spikes in ratings. One of them will be next Tuesday because everyone will want to see what the hype was all about. But after all sycophantic stupidity in the broadcast journalism arena is over the ratings will once again bottom out. I would be willing to bet even that the ratings sink below the lowest ratings during Dan Rather's Memogate.

Drudge Report Article:

Walter Cronkite will introduce Katic Couric on the new CBS EVENING NEWS next week, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. Cronkite is just one of many superstars, and broadcast legends, that will help the former TODAY host splash onto the nightly news scene.

"It's going to be a who's who of Americana," a top CBS source said on Sunday.

Cronkite will do the introduction of Couric on opening night only, the source said.

CBS brass dismiss the suggestion that adding Cronkite is an attention-grabbing stunt.

"This is a bold statement of continuity and 'trust,' a commitment to the quality of the CBS EVENING NEWS," a top insider explained.

But there are signs mainline print media are prepared to pounce on the all-star nature of Couric's rollout.

VARIETY editor Peter Bart in a column on Monday warned: "I realize media companies need to overhype everything, whether it's a new 'Pirates' movie or another faux 'American Idol'... but all this may be doing a disservice both to Couric's credibility and to network news... Will Couric actually tell us what's happening in the world or will she preside over a sort of mini-'Today' show, complete with its well-worn couch?"

Kurt Andersen in NEW YORK will applaud the coming Era Of Couric:

"Making Couric the anchor and de facto face of CBS NEWS is a very smart, potentially even visionary choice... the real brilliance is that she's the first network anchor to have a quick, smart, mischievous sense of humor as a major part of her personal persona," Andersen explains.

"If it's possible to rejuvenate TV news, Couric is among the last best hopes."

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Tale of Two HurricanesKatrina And Rita

This evening I was watching the ABC Evening News and they spent almost the entire half hour talking about Hurricane Katrina and the approaching one year anniversary. The first two segments were spent talking about what progress (or lack there of) there has been in the recovery of the areas impacted by that deadly hurricane. There is no denying that Hurricane Katrina was one of the biggest (if not the biggest) disaster in geographic, economic, and societal scope that this country has ever seen.

ABC News chose to spend half of there thirty minutes (minus commercials for cholesterol and heart burn pharmaceuticals) complaining about what little the federal government (aka: Bush Administration) has done. They did a huge break down of everything that President Bush said he would do, and what has been done so far. Among those things that were promised and not delivered until very recently was assistance for rebuilding homes. The implication was that it is the federal government's responsibility to rebuild those homes.

One hurricane that many people forget about is Hurricane Rita which hit only a couple of weeks after Katrina in South East Texas. An area that opened its doors to Katrina evacuees. Hurricane Rita reached category 5 before crashing into the Gulf Coast. Though it diminished in strength quickly upon landfall it caused extensive damage. I know this because I lived through it. I was in South East Texas as Rita passed over head. And I was in South East Texas to help cleanup the aftermath.

We didn't wait around for government aid. In fact we had local government telling us to stay out of the area for at least two weeks. The people of our community didn't listen because we know that if you rely on the government for things of importance you are setting yourself up for failure. We didn't wait for our FEMA checks, we didn't wait for our SBA loans, or for the Army Corps of Engineers. We got in there, we picked up what tools we had left, and we got to work. We repaired our own homes. We cleared our own debris. And we did it ourselves.

That, laddies and gentlemen, is the American spirit. We don't wait around for someone else to do something for us. We get in there and do it ourselves. And if someone helps, we thank them and work along with them. We don't say "it's about damn time you got here." We say "thank you for helping me".

So instead of whining about how the federal government has messed something up (a trait that has plagued the federal government through any administration), mourn what happened a year ago, mourn those that died. But above all, do something about it.

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Survivor: Middle East

The next Survivor season after Survivor: Segregation Island.

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Fox News Journalists Released

Fox News journalists Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig have been released by the terrorist group Holy Jihad Brigades after being held hostage for almost two weeks. This release came shortly after a video was released by the terrorist group showing Centanni and Wiig reading a statement of conversion to Islam.

It was later revealed by Centanni that this statement was done at gunpoint.
"We were forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint," Centanni told FOX News. "Don't get me wrong here. I have the highest respect for Islam, and I learned a lot of good things about it, but it was something we felt we had to do because they had the guns, and we didn't know what the hell was going on." - Article
Whatever your views of Islam and whether or not it is a religion of peace are irrelavant. The fact is this is what these terrorist groups want. To convert the entire world to Islam by any means necessary. It is a convert or die policy. Convert to the ideals of the Taliban. Live the life of pre-2001 Afgahnistan, or die. This is what we are up against folks.

During the Cold War there were two comflicting viewpoints in America as to how to deal with the Communist Union. One side said "better Red than Dead". The other said "better Dead than Red". Now we face a new set of conflicting views. "Better Taliban than Dead" or "better Dead than Taliban".

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Video: All Your Fakes Are Belong to US

Here is a great video from the Jawa Report that is spoofing the old "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" video by adding a Fauxtography theme staring the Green Helmet Guy.

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Terrorists Fund Trip for Democratic Congressman

To hell with the Abramof scandal. Here's one that is far worse than. Illinois congressman Danny Davis and an aide took a trip to Sri Lanka last year that was paid for by the Tamil Tigers. The Tamil Tigers are a group officially classified by the US Government as a terrorist organization.

The Tamil Tigers use suicide bombers and child soldiers. Talk about your culture of corruption! Abramof was lobbying on behalf of Native American groups, these guys are lobbying so they can continue killing innocent civilians!

So what of it Palosi? Still think it's the Republican party that's corrupt? Word of advice, check your own house first. You might find worse problems there.

Here's the link to the full article.

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DailyKos Compare Iraq Civilian Deaths to Pro-Life Stance

Saw this little statement over at the DailyKos website. They compare the death of Iraqi children as a result of the war in Iraq to the use of embryonic stem cells in medical research. They just don't get it.

Here's the problem with this comparison guys. The death of civilians in Iraq is not intentional (though that does not make the death any less tragic or more comforting to their loved ones). But what you're advocating with the embryonic stem cell research is to intentionally destroy the embryo (which is considered by many to be taking a life). There is never a benefit great enough to permit the intentional sacrificing of a life.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Boy Scouts Save Infant

Saw this story over on Drudge Report and thought I would make it my first post after returning from some personal business. As an Eagle Scout it always makes me proud when I hear stories like this. Boy Scouts continue to be one of the few remaining organizations in the world motivated to do true good.

"Boy Scouts' deed saves girl from drowningWed Aug 23 2006 08:49:32 ET

Some Omaha Boy Scouts are credited with a very good deed: rescuing a little girl from drowning.

At Two Rivers State Recreation Area on Saturday afternoon, 18-month-old Stephanie Pacheco slipped away from her mother and began floating face-down in the Platte River, said Duane Arp, a conservation officer with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

The OMAHA WORLD-HERALD reports: About five members of St. Cecilia's Troop 100 were swimming nearby during a camping trip to earn merit badges. Christian Nanson, 11, spotted the girl in the water and yelled to fellow Scout John Fitzgerald, 9, said assistant Scoutmaster Matt Fitzgerald. Matt and John Fitzgerald are father and son.

The two boys ran to the girl and grabbed her out of the water. "She was probably literally minutes away from a tragedy," Arp said.

Once ashore, the girl began vomiting water but started breathing. Douglas County Sheriff's Deputy David Brock said the girl was treated for hypothermia and was in intermediate care at Children's Hospital. A hospital spokeswoman declined to release Stephanie's condition Sunday afternoon.

Arp said the girl had been swimming with a group of family members but had chased after some dogs playing in the water about 3:30 p.m.

Matt Fitzgerald said all the boys in the troop remained calm during the rescue and they all helped. The two boys pulled the girl out of the water, while other Scouts located a cell phone to call for help and directed rescue."

Great job guys!


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's Bush's Fault!

A really good political cartoon by Henry Payne (via Yahoo! News) that really shows the moonbat left in the Democratic Party.

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